Mongolia Launches Health Insurance Strategy 2013-2022

Sep 2013September 2013:  On September 3 Mongolia officially launches its long-term strategy for the development of Social Health Insurance (SHI), which includes a foreword thanking government organizations, social partners, international organizations and international consultants of WHO and P4H. Particular appreciation is reserved for GIZ’s contribution of financial and professional assistance in the development of the long term strategy. On September 11 and 12 an international conference on SHI development in Mongolia is held in Ulaanbaatar.




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Previous Updates

Nov 2012 – Letter of appreciation for P4H network

Letter of appreciation for P4H network

Nov 2012 – The Minister for Population Development and Social Protection of Mongolia issues a letter of appreciation to the P4H network. The Minister highlights the importance of the intended SHI reform and of coordinated support for the formulation of the Long Term Policy.


Oct 2012 – National forum on social insurance reform held in Ulaan Baatar

National forum on social insurance reform held in Ulaan Baatar

Oct 2012The Ministry of Population Development and Social Protection (MPDSP, the former Ministry of Labour) organizes a National Forum on Social Insurance Reform in Ulaan Baatar, the first day being dedicated to various areas of social protection, including pensions, and the related reforms that the Mongolian government is planning to undertake in those areas. The second day of the forum focuses exclusively on social health protection and the Citizens Health Insurance (CHI) long term strategy draft, the aim being to present the current status of the long term strategy and to engage the participants that are providing inputs and feedback.

The event is attended by 400 national participants from regional and local authorities as well as some international guests. Representatives from respective Ministries in charge and several members of parliament express their commitment and support to the various processes and particularly the CHI long term strategy.


Apr 2012 – Multi-stakeholder group works on UHC policy

Multi-stakeholder group works on UHC policy

Apr 2012A multi stakeholder group, comprising approximately 50 officials meet for a series of seven workshops to discuss universal health coverage challenges including revenue collection, benefit package design, the role of private health insurance, and the integration of primary health care in the insurance package. Key issues are identified and addressed in a draft policy paper, reflecting different visions and strategies. An action plan, including specific tasks and deadlines is also produced.

The policy paper will be submitted for approval to the Council of Ministries in April 2013 and will form the basis for future legislation and stakeholder coordination in the area of social health insurance.


Jan 2012 – Developing a long term social health insurance strategy

Developing a long term social health insurance strategy

Jan 2012In response to a request from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Welfare and Labor, GIZ and WHO prepare a proposal for the development of a long term policy framework for the Mongolian social health insurance system. The proposal recommends a series of consultative workshops among key national stakeholders, including the government, unions, employers and providers, with coordinated technical support from the P4H network partners, including WHO, GIZ, WB, ILO and others. Implementation is scheduled to start in April 2012, with a view to submitting a draft policy framework for government approval by the end of the year.


Sep 2011 – Finalising the Mongolian Health Insurance Law

Finalising the Mongolian Health Insurance Law

Sep 2011The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Germany (GIZ) jointly support the development of the Mongolian Health Insurance Law, which establishes a basis for building the institutional capacity needed to deliver health insurance and to provide quality health services to the insured.


Apr 2010 – Social Dialogue Programme

Social Dialogue Programme

Apr 2010Based on the recommendations coming out of a workshop held in December 2009, a social dialogue programme for 2010-2015 is submitted to the Health Insurance Council. The programme brings together representatives from government, trade unions and employers and is designed to accelerate the reform of the social health insurance system in Mongolia through the effective cooperation of social partners.


Feb 2010 – Study Tour to the Philippines

Study Tour to the Philippines

Feb 2010P4H supports a study tour of a delegation of decision makers from the Mongolian parliament, ministries, trade unions and employer associations to the Philippines. The aim is to learn from the experiences of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation over the past 15 years, focusing in particular on how to improve communication and trust among stakeholders, and how to assess and develop the institutional capacity required to operate a national social health insurance scheme. After the study tour, the participants organise a national conference under the aegis of the Parliamentary Committee to further SHI reform.


Dec 2009 – Social Dialogue Workshop

Social Dialogue Workshop

Dec 2009P4H, working in collaboration with ADB supports a consensus-building workshop on 3 Dec 09 at which the participants formally agree to embrace social dialogue to advance reform of the social health insurance system in Mongolia.


Apr 2009 – Stakeholder group for Social Health Protection

Stakeholder group for Social Health Protection

Apr 2009The Chair of the Parliament Social Policy Standing Committee establishes a national technical working group to oversee Social Health Insurance (SHI) reform efforts. The group comprises members from the Ministry of Social Welfare and Labor, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, Trade Unions, Employers and health care providers. This multi-sectoral body prepares a proposal for the reform of the social health insurance scheme in Mongolia. P4H partners fund the expert group that facilitates the process and the work of the national stakeholder group, and collaborates with ADB on its consensus-building project with the national Social Policy Standing Committee.


May 2008 – Support to social dialogue

Support to social dialogue

May 2008Consensus-building is becoming an increasingly important issue in the reform of the social health insurance scheme in Mongolia. Therefore, with support of the ILO-WHO-GTZ consortium, and ADB, the government organizes a national social dialogue conference for social health insurance. The participants discuss problems and the steps that need to be taken and issue a position paper outlining the problems and making recommendations. The main recommendations are: 1) to advance the consensus-building process for social health insurance; 2) to establish an effective mechanism to monitor progress to date and; 3) to develop a 3 year project proposal on the Strengthening of the Social Health Insurance Scheme in Mongolia. ILO-WHO-GTZ and ADB express unanimous support for these recommendations.