Participation OPS/OMS/P4S à forum-débat sur le financement de la santé en Haïti (CLIO/FOKAL)

Oct 2014 –  

Le 29 octobre 2014, la Commission Santé du Cadre de Liaison Inter-ONG (CLIO) et la Fondation Connaissances et Liberté (FOKAL) ont organisé conjointement un Forum-débat sur le Financement de la Santé en Haïti auquel a participé OPS/OMS/P4H :


Rapide introduction au financement de la santé par OPS/OMS/P4H:


Article de presse :




Previous Updates

Apr 2012 – Joint P4H scoping mission results in roadmap for health policy

Joint P4H scoping mission results in roadmap for health policy

Apr 2012A joint P4H scoping mission takes place on 11-19 April 2012, comprising PAHO-WHO, ILO, WB, IADB (Inter-American Development Bank), France and the P4H Coordination Desk. Following the P4H open network approach, development partners (DP) including USA, Canada, Brazil, Cuba, and UNICEF are informed and express an interest in getting involved. A roadmap is proposed for the finalization and implementation of a new national health policy aimed at improving the availability, quality and affordability of healthcare. The drafting of a first P4H support plan will start after P4H partners get feedback from the Government of Haiti.

The Government is committed to extending social health protection to all citizens and is drafting this policy in relation to the UN Social Protection Floor initiative. Ownership of the social health protection process is quite strong, and the President of the Republic is engaged. Domestic resources are very limited, however, so financial support from DPs will be needed for the first few years, at least. Although external partners are investing significant amounts in the Haitian health sector, their understanding of health financing concepts varies, and the fundamental data needed to clarify the health financing challenges in Haiti are missing.

The mission also contributes to the launch of a DP coordination process, which is crucial to encouraging the exchange of information regarding the health financing aspects of DP’s work as part of an effort to improve harmonization. PAHO-WHO will play a major role in consolidating and maintaining this coordination process.

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